Spaces offices

Spaces locations

Amsterdam Zuidas
2.500 m2 business club
16.000 m2 office space
13 meeting rooms
238 parking spots
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Amsterdam Herengracht
750 m2 business club
6.000 m2 office space
7 meeting rooms
40 parking spots
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Den Haag Rode Olifant
1.500 m2 business club
8.500 m2 office spaces
12 meeting rooms
70 parking spots
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Designed by Sevil Peach

Nothing but the best for Spaces clients. Therefore we work with the internationally well-known, London-based architect, Sevil Peach. She has years of experience, a well defined vision and an impressive list of finished projects. Want to know more about her, read this interview. For more of her work, see her website.


We have our own ICT department available on each location to help you with any issues.

We have a shared copy room to use for printing, copying and scanning and also a little office supply shop with all work essentials.

We have lovely one of a kind receptionists to assist you on smaller work emergencies and welcome your guests and help them on their way.

In our mail room we collect all your incoming mail and packages. We can also send out your regular mail and packages.

For all your larger work materials or bulk you can rent some extra storage so you can keep it close to the office but not in sight.

Take your mind of work and stay inspired with our little luxuries like newspapers, magazines, massages, yoga, monthly drinks, parties...



A beautifully designed shared social heart on the ground floor of each location to work and meet.


The best coffees in our own Cafe Deli on each location, with lots of delicious pastries and croissants.


Each location has its own parking facilities for you and your guests.


Each location has a wide variety of meeting rooms, suitable for any type of meeting.


Delicious salads, soups, sandwiches, juices and smoothies prepared fresh every day.


Spaces organizes lots of events, open to all members and tenants, to get connected.